a little bit about me

hi, I’m Daelyn!

I live in Southern California with my incredible husband, Jake + our three babes, Finn (5), Ellis (3) + Crew (1). over the past 3 years we have been learning all about plants, oils + how to create a more nontoxic home. what a fun journey it’s been! 

I have a HUGE passion for people. I love serving people + making them feel loved. you can typically find me with all three babes in tow, at the beach with ningxia in hand. if I love you, I’ve likely given you a ton of oily things (it’s my love language).

I’m an enneagram 2 with equal 1+3 wings. I love giving gifts + making people feel seen. 

whether you’re here for oils or for rad oily things, I’m happy you’re here!

welcome to my oily fam!

xoxo dae